Wednesday, May 6, 2009

see i'm smiling

"it means i'm happy that you're here" :)

the last five years one of my favorite musicals of all time. the musical is beautiful and the singers on the cd are fabulous. the guy who wrote it is a professor at usc and i met him!!! so exciting! if you have time and are interested in listening to a two person musical with a piano and violin i would highly recommend it.

so my history teacher showed this to us in class and it kinda made my day:

the government had these posters posted everywhere during WWII.
i have two more week of school! can't wait.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


i give up updating this in a timely fashion. whenever i think about updating a list of important school work pops into my head and i figure i should put this off until a later time. and then, of course, i end up not doing this at all. go me. ah well. here goes. a few months later...

so i saw spring awakening twice. and it was AMAZING. made me so happy. and guess what i saw last tuesday? RENT! my two favorite musicals! omg now that was amazing. two guy, adam pascal and anthony rapp, were singing the main parts. they also happened to be the two original guys who played the part in the original broadway cast and the movie. they were so fantastic. i was in complete awe of how amazing they were and didn't think anyone else in the show would be as good but they were! the entire production was spectacular and i am so happy i was able to go see them.

lets see. i not the biggest fan of my schedule this year, mainly because i'm not a big fan of chemistry. 5 units! i took a test last week and i'm still waiting to see how i did. i guess my lab teacher guy is expect around 2 people (out of our 25 people lab class) to do so bad on the test that there is no way they can pass the test by the end of the year. scary. and the only chem class had a class average of around 50 something percent. yikes. math isn't too bad. i took the silly bio calculus and we're doing stuff that i did in mr. lenaway's class sophomore year. so i'm not too worried about that class. thank you mr. lenaway. and i'm taking english 100 (because i got a 4 on my ib test and didn't get credit for the class here) which isn't too bad. we learned how to write thesis sentences and paragraphs. but we also got to watch movies like finding nemo, cars, kung fu panda, and ratatouille for our last essay. later we're watching a walk to remember and the dark knight. that will be fun. i'm also in a history class that is sooo easy it's ridiculous. for some reason long beach doesn't take history ib credit so i had to take history again. i'm just glad i have an easy class this semester. let's see. last class i'm taking is critical thinking (which is an honors class) and i really like it. the teacher is from houston, texas and sounds like my uncle when he talks. it's funny though and we are talking about the matrix so much. makes me want to watch the matrix and the matrix revohillbillied again.

wow long paragraph. so this weekend i watched empire of the sun and it's really good. by stephen spielberg and i guess ben stiller was in there somewhere. i also watched fearless for my english class (the jet li version because my teacher is obsessed with kung fu. i guess he does tai chi or something like that) but i also thought that was a good movie. i could definitely write an essay on that. and it's not just a kung fu movie! it definitely had deeper themes. i've been reading a lot too. just finished the other boleyn girl and it is so much better than the movie, which is such a shame. they had good actors but the adapted screenplay was crap. it was nice because i know my history but i still didn't know what was going to happen. couldn't put the book down. i also read the road and i didn't like it too much, which is disappointing. the movie (hopefully) is coming out soon though and i'll definitely watch it because viggo mortensen is in it. did you watch the oscars? hugh jackman is now one of my favorites. "i wolverine!" yeah well i really should start reading my chemistry book now. and doing my chem homework. and math hw. fun stuff. oh and i changed my background. unfortunately there was nothing purple that i liked. hope everyones doing well.