Monday, September 8, 2008

college life

so i've been meaning to to write this for a very long time, i swear. i just end up forgetting or i'm too tired when i try to write. the olympics is over. darn. the closing ceremony was good though. two more years until canada. college is completely different than life at home. it's weird and nice at the same time. i went home last weekend and told my mother i was going out and she didn't want me to, which made ma laugh because if i were here, she wouldn't even know if i was going out or not!

i'm living in the dorms at csulb and there is so much walking on this campus. it's insane. especially with a recovering hip. i live in los alamitos on the third floor and it's a hall style. which means fourty girls share the same bathrooms and showers... interesting. takes a while getting use to, let me tell you that. my RA is really nice and i still don't know what to say about my roommate. she's a junior and likes to listen to rap music. very easy going though so i can't really complain. i am very thankful for lauren bates and andrew kemper though. we have been hanging out a lot because we don't know that many other people and enjoy being anti-social. the dining food isn't the best but i can't complain. it's "fine." we went to a place called yogurtland, which is like berry star but better. so if you come visit, i'll take you there and it'll be awesome. the campus is also really pretty. i sat outside on the landscaped lawn and in the mediterranean climate and i must say i was pretty impressed. beautiful.

so my classes. on mondays and wednesdays i have chinese 101 and geography 100. chinese is absolutely insane. like if i didn't know any chinese i would have been completely and utterly lost. i am definitely going to have to work hard in that class. tuesdays and thursdays i have communications (speech), viewing dance, and my honors harry potter class. i'm suppose to find out what house i'm in tomorrow so i'll let you know if i remember. the communications class is nothing compared to ib and i got my diploma in the mail! very exciting. i also have a university 100 class for the first five mondays so all in all thats 17 units. not as bad as some people but i'm still going to be busy. i think.

so did you hear about breaking dawn? yeah i'm mad too. curse "friends" who betray famous friends and make them not want to finish a book that everyone wanted to read. on a happier note i think i got free tickets to go to Spring Awakening the second night it opens! omg! oct 30 and i can't wait. i got a lovely poster too which made my day. thank goodness for lauren who knows i love that musical. i'm rereading eragon right now, along with all my other homework, and i'm going to try to finish that book and eldest before the next books comes out this month. i hope it's good. and Emily i'm not going to write about the whole movie drama. we went to go see batman and there was an "incident." it was absolutely hallarious though. maybe if you ask nicely Emily will tell you the story :) i visited the AV last weekend which was a nice change. i miss my mother's cooking. i know there are a lot of things i'm forgetting but i just don't remember right now.. too many things going on. hope everyones doing well.


Tiffany said...

hi jamie,
its tiffany! it sounds like you're having fun at long beach. i'm so jealous that you know people who are going to the same school, but i guess i shouldn't complain since i chose to be come here. anyways, do tell about what house you get put in. you should be in ravenclaw since you're so smart. :) anyways, i just wanted to say that i miss you and that i'm glad that you seem to be having fun in college.

Nothin Left To Say said...

its becca. gotta blogspot. slighty confused. OH WELL. :D