Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indifference is a strange thing

well hello there. Emily, who is absolutely wonderful, helped me make this so i figured i should use it. just had surgery a week ago and i am confined to my house and bed. i feel so apathetic its insane. I'm on my new macbook that i have not named yet and am trying to ween myself off of grey's anatomy. thank you Emily :) i'm currently addicted to the show and i can't help myself! it's really good. i love how i can actually understand what the doctors are talking about sometimes. yey mrs. nichter. if you can get into her class, do it. shes an amazing teacher.
i'm also trying to read wuthering heights. i swear i have a very good reason. stephanie meyer would always reference the book in eclipse and i really want to reread eclipse and understand it better before next saturday! breaking dawn is coming out and bares & noble is going to have a bridal shower, i'm so excited. well i haven't really figured out how to use anything on this thing but when i do, i'll post some pictures or something. good stuff. i'm off to waste hours in my current obsession.


sheena said...

Jamie! Hello there. Its sheena:D Hope you feel lots better after your surgery! wow you are really brave...

hope you've been having a happy summer! ahahah grey's anatomy..addictions are fun arent they?

Jamie said...

hi Sheena! so i'm not sure if i should reply you on my comment thing or yours so i'll do both :) hope your summer has been going well. have fun while you can! and yes. grey's anatomy is so good. i think it would have driven me insane if i had to wait a week to find out what happens next. honestly let me know how you're doing. hope to see you soon!

Tiffany said...

It's Tiffany (if you couldn't tell) :) how was the surgery? I hope you're feeling better. Maybe one day I can drop off some Jamba Juice or something for you? Just let me know!
(oh, and lol, Grey's Anatomy, I used to watch that show all the time)

<3 Tiffany